2024 Maker Guests of Honor: Charles Mason & Buck Potter

Charles Mason

Hello everyone my name is Charles Edward Mason II, 45 , I’m originally from Canoga Park CA where I got my opportunity to started my love for special effects. I had the pleasure of working on cool projects like tv and films. Doing this off and on for about ten years until another life changing Career Presented itself in the form of pastry’s. I moved to Portland Oregon in 2006 to pursue a career in becoming a pastry chef. I had an idea of bringing what I learned in special effects into the world of Edible art. For the next 10 years, I got the chance to work in different places that gave me versatility from Whole Foods grocery , mom and pop bakeries, to a famous Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood.

I am the most versatile multi talented individual you will ever come across. I own my own business auto detailing, I design and fabricate costumes. I’m a Foam Smith Which really helps bring my creative ideas to life no material is beyond my reach.

Buck Potter

Facebook Page: Buck Potter

Instagram: the.mandalordian

Hello! I’m Buck Potter, and I call home in Eugene, Oregon and have lived there for the last 14 years.  My beginnings as a maker starts in college, with a Bachelors of Science in Technical Theatre Design, with concentrations in Set, Lights, Props and Sound Design. During my time in college, I did designs for both professor and student directed productions.  My favorite production was in his final year as Propsmaster for a modern day war take on the “Scottish Play” by William Shakespeare.

On the cosplay and maker side, I’ve been in the cosplay scene for 9 years, and started it as a version of Steampunk Star Lord.  Growing up, I read lots comic books, fantasy novels and played Table Top RPGs, and always looked for an outlet to bring the theatre and comic/fantasy world together.  These days, Steampunk Star Lord has leveled up to a mashup of both Star Lord and The Mandalorian, hence The Mandalordian, or Mando-Lord. 

This year, I’m bringing the Aetheric Expanse, in my own unique way.  There will Cosmic and Multiversal Cosplay Surprises, and also look for me in the Game Room, where I’ll be Game Master for a few one shot campaign runs of Critical Role’s Candela Obscura.  Please come by, say hello and do ask for a picture!  

Looking forward to a Return Trip to Clockwork Alchemy: Aetheric Oceans!