Presenter Guidelines

Do you have an idea for a lecture, panel, or workshop you want to do? Let’s make it happen!

Clockwork Alchemy is always looking for presentations on many different topics.  Some of our favorite tracks include but are not limited to: Steampunk technology, art, and fashion, the DIY aesthetic, music, films, and dance.  If you have a passion for all things Steampunk, why not share it with others?

Put on your creative hats and let’s raise the bar even higher! Please read the following carefully!

Propose a Presentation

Presentations are defined as panels, lectures and workshops.

Panels are group discussions on a specific topic with the assistance of a moderator. Audience participation is often a part of the panel. If you have a Panel idea there is also the option to suggest fellow panelists and/or moderator. Can’t think of someone? We will work with you to find people who share your passion.

Lectures are the traditional one or two people presenting information to an audience. Audience participation is at the discretion of the lecturer.

Workshops are hands-on experiences where the workshop leader shares their knowledge and skill with participants. Workshop leader sets the cost of the workshop based on material costs and is responsible for the collecting of fees. Clockwork Alchemy does not collect fees for the workshop. Workshop leader also sets the maximum number of attendees they can manage in the workshop. Clockwork Alchemy requests that, where room permits, non-paid attendees may watch the workshop.

FAQ questions

Program Guide Listing Character Limits:

  • Presentation (lecture/panel/workshop) titles must be 30 characters or less.
  • Presentation descriptions must be 300 characters or less.
  • Both of these limits include spaces and punctuation.
  • Submissions that do not adhere to these limits will be edited by Clockwork Alchemy staff.

Presentation Length of Time:

When considering the length of your presentation, whether it’s a panel, a lecture, or a workshop, please consider the following:

  • Panels and Lectures can be scheduled for 60 minute blocks. The presentation/lecture time is 60 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for questions and discussions. Total run time is 75 minutes..
  • Workshops can be scheduled for 60 minute blocks with an additional 15 minutes for questions and cleanup. Longer workshops can be requested.
  • If you will need a different time block, please notify us in your application so we can schedule accordingly.

Presentation Content: 

  • Steampunk content is preferred.  Science, fantasy, art, fashion, etc.
  • All presentations are assumed to contain material that is suitable for all ages unless the panelist specifically states that the presentation will contain mature content.
  • If the presentation contains content that may be classified as “adult material,” panelists must inform the staff on the presentation application form, PRIOR to the convention.  Monitors of the presentations will have the ability to terminate a presentation if the subject matter becomes too adult.

Workshop Information:

  • Workshop presenters are encouraged to submit a materials list that will be published on the Clockwork Alchemy webpage, so attendees may bring their own materials if they wish.
  • Workshops may not use any prohibited items (see Prohibited Items section).

Presentation Room and Schedule Assignment:

Presentation rooms and times are assigned based on several factors:

  • When the presentation was submitted (This is a big determining factor, so sign up early!)
  • Whether the presentation has been given before, and how much of an audience it has drawn
  • What presentation times the presenter specifically requested 

Prohibited Items:

Presentations may not include any form of:

  • Threat of injury or harm to attendees
  • Violation of our Code of Conduct

If you have a question or concerns regarding potential violation of these prohibitions during your planned presentation, please email

When will I get a response? What can I expect?

Due to the high volume of submissions that we receive, we cannot guarantee swift responses to requests.

  • If your presentation is approved, you will get an email that explicitly states that your presentation has been preliminarily approved for a time slot. If there is a problem with this time slot, notify as soon as possible. An alternate time slot may or may not be available. Preliminary assigned time slots are subject to change before the final schedule is published. Please check the final schedule and the schedule emailed to you for your final times.
  • If your submission is not selected, you will receive an email with an explanation of why the panel was not selected as soon as the Presentations Team has made their determinations. In some cases the applicant will be given the opportunity to revise the original submission. Since our time as volunteers is limited, and we receive many submissions each year, we cannot guarantee this option.
  • Applications which are not rejected but which we are unable to fit into the schedule will receive an invitation to the waiting list. Waiting list invitations will be sent out within two weeks after the schedule is finalized.

Once a presentation has been placed onto the schedule, and a time slot has been accepted, it is considered ‘confirmed’ and locked in. If a presenter makes a later request to change the time of the presentation, the ‘approved’ status will be revoked until an acceptable time slot can be found. If an acceptable time slot cannot be found, the panel will be considered to be canceled by the presenter.



Please check in with the presentation monitor/timekeeper at the designated room 20 minutes prior to your presentation. If you have not checked in, presentation staff will call or text you at your phone number approximately 15–20 minutes prior to your presentation. Please respond immediately, so we know that you’re coming or, better yet, are already at the room.

If, at 10 minutes prior to your presentation start time, we have been unable to contact you, and no one has checked-in, your presentation will be canceled. Once a presentation cancellation has been communicated to the rest of the convention via social media, Info Desk, etc., the presentation cannot be “un-cancelled.”

Please show up on time! We don’t like canceling content! If you have presentations scheduled one after the other, you may check in for both of them when you check in for the first of them.

Remember that presentations end before the hour or half-hour to give each presenter time to set up and be ready when their panel starts.

During Your Presentation:

If you have any issues during your presentation, please speak to one of the Presentation Staff located in or near each presentation room.

Have a question that was not addressed here? Please contact Panels at

Code of Conduct

In our space we maintain a code of conduct

Please be respectful and courteous of everybody around you. This includes Clockwork Alchemy staff, and fellow members.

  • Do not harass, threaten, bully, stalk, or mob people. Respect other people’s personal space.
  • Cosplay is not consent. Be respectful and ask permission. Do not use rude, disrespectful, or non-consensual sexual language as this is a form of harassment.

In addition to the above, Clockwork Alchemy has the following rules:

  • Clockwork Alchemy Badges remain its property for the duration of the convention. Attendee tickets (and therefore Badges) are non-transferable. Each virtual attendee must register for access. Badges may be revoked at any time by qualified staff members. Access to events will be revoked with a pulled badge. Attendance and access to future conventions may be revoked at the discretion of Clockwork Alchemy.
  • Please comply with the Clockwork Alchemy Costume & Props Policy, read it carefully, and abide by its rules.  Items may be added to this list by Clockwork Alchemy at any time.

Clockwork Alchemy Costume & Props Policy

·        Costumes and daily wear shall not expose the body in such a way as to be deemed indecent exposure under California ordinances. Private parts must be covered in an opaque material and not be subject to slippage or gaps. Liquid Latex or other conformal body coatings will be judged on a case by case basis.  Clockwork Alchemy is a family-friendly event.

·        Official flags shall be respected, and cannot be worn as part of a costume. They must be on a flagpole. Home-made or unofficial flags are exempt from this rule.

·        While you are in your own home, Clockwork Alchemy cannot realistically regulate the props and weapons you choose for your costume.  Clockwork Alchemy requests that you not display or brandish your props in such a way as to cause viewers to think you are a threat to yourself or others near you.

Clockwork Alchemy reserves the right to modify the Code of Conduct at any time.

Member’s Services

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