Fashion Show

Fashion Show 2023 

Clockwork Alchemy Presents:  Villains and Heroes Strut Their Stuff

Come one and come all to this highly sought out (but not sold out!) event on Saturday afternoon! Join in as an artist or model or merely spectate the excitement of the Clockwork Alchemy Fashion Show.

Dare to be creative! Bring your very own version of an Original Character™ and join us in the dark shadows where our Steampunk Villains strike a devilish and dastardly pose. Or be a beloved Steampunk Hero ready to strut the floor, take names, and kick… well, you get the idea.  

Now accepting Unique Entries. Dive deep into your Villainous or Heroic self and produce a new character to share on the Runway. Tell us your unique inner Villain or Hero story. Take us on a trip through your very own Steampunk mythos or alternative history. Participation is open to everyone, with approval from this year’s Fashion Show Liaison (FSL). Have more than one look to share? Bring a friend to show it off for you.


  • Original – a complete ensemble, showing off your individual idea, pattern, and work
  • Redesigned – Your re-creation  or alteration of something previously made or purchased, or your work from a commercial pattern.*
  • Co-Produced – Work produced with assistance from someone else. For example: I came up with what I wanted and worked with my mom to create a look and helped her sew it.
  • NEW THIS YEAR! Talented imagination – Can’t sew? Don’t know where to look for all those amazing  bits and pieces everyone seems to wear? This is the category for you. Bring your enthusiasm and invention, and show it off!

*Caveat – accessories and pre-purchased items must be credited to the maker

Who shall we celebrate more? Villains or Heroes!

Submit your design to the Fashion Show

Volunteer to be a model in the Fashion Show

Information and Guidelines

Time and Space

Saturday April 8, 2023 Ballroom

Show #1 Full Show (1 Hour)

11:30 AM Dressed and Ready in the Ballroom at 11:30 am to rehearse

12:30 PM 15 Minute Break

The show starts at 1:00 PM.

Show #2 Runway style show (15 Minutes)

9:00 PM (time/place subject to change) Meet in the Greenroom

9:30 PM (time subject to change) between sets at Emperor Norton’s Ball


May I be a part of the Fashion Show

Yes, anyone may participate, with prior approval from the FSL. Have more than one look to share? Bring a friend to show it off with you.

Can I bring a group or extra models, can kids participate?

Yes, you can bring many looks to the stage, and all ages are welcome to join in. Please note that everyone will need to have a 2023 Clockwork Alchemy Badge.

What is the Deadline to enter? 

Please enter by March 26th (2 weeks prior to con). Try to enter early so we can plan your participation in the best way.  

I am not a professional. Is this okay? And does my entry need to be hand-sewn or can I purchase it?

We don’t judge! But we do want participants to put forth some effort. The Fashion Show is a place to show off and have a fun experience, and we welcome newcomers and old hands alike. With that being said, this is a Fashion Show, and we want to have room to showcase the great craftsmanship and creativity of the Clockwork Alchemy community. The FSL reserves the right to confirm or deny all entries, to ensure a representative showing at the event. 

There are 4 type of entries you can choose from:

  • Original – Complete ensemble your individual idea, pattern, and work * 
  • Redesigned – You re-create and or alter something you previously made or purchased, or you work from a pattern.*
  • Co-Produced – Worked with someone to create (for example: I came up with a vision of what I wanted for my mom helped create a pattern we went shopping together and we worked together to sew it.)*
  • NEW THIS YEAR! Talented imagination but cannot sew or good at finding bits and pieces? This is the category for you. Bring your ensemble and show it off!

*Please Note:

You may use purchased pre-fabricated items and accessories that can be credited to the maker.

Fully purchased items that are significantly part of your design are not suitable.

What is the approval process?

After you fill out the registration form our team will determine if you are a good fit for the show. Decisions should not take very long, but don’t delay.  Applications are only accepted up to March 31,2023 . 

Please remember that the FSL reserves the right to accept or refuse the final concept for each entry. 

What is required of me in addition to creating the entry?

  • 2023 Clockwork Alchemy Badge is required for all participants including the maker and model(s)
  • Unique Entries. Tell us your unique inner Villain or Hero story.
  • We would like to have the “Story Behind the Entry” so we can create a storyboard for the audience. Space to add this information will be located on the registration form.
    • Who and what are the inspirations while creating this entry?
    • What was your favorite part about this entry?
    • How long did it take for you to make and did you have any good or bad moments? Lessons learned?
    • What fashion advice can you share with others?
    • Do you have future fashion plans?