Costumes and Props Rules

·        Costumes and daily wear shall not expose the body in such a way as to be deemed indecent exposure under California ordinances. Private parts must be covered in an opaque material and not be subject to slippage or gaps. Liquid Latex or other conformal body coatings will be judged on a case by case basis.  Clockwork Alchemy is a family-friendly event.

·        Official flags shall be respected, and cannot be worn as part of a costume. They must be on a flagpole. Home-made or unofficial flags are exempt from this rule.·        While you are in your own home, Clockwork Alchemy cannot realistically regulate the props and weapons you choose for your costume.  Clockwork Alchemy requests that you not display or brandish your props in such a way as to cause viewers to think you are a threat to yourself or others near you.

Clockwork Alchemy reserves the right to modify the Code of Conduct at any time.