Authors Events and Exhibits

The Authors’ Salon

A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation.

To edify and educate you, join the Clockwork Alchemy Authors for this year’s Authors’ Salon topics:

Bringing Anthologies to Life
Dangerous Waters: Aquatic Origins of Weird and Cosmic Terror
Favorite Steampunk Books and Series
Ghost Hunting and Parapsychology- yesterday and today.
Incorporating what you love into your fiction and making it mean something, i.e. how my chickens got into my books
Indie Authors; What you Need to know
Monstrous Legends of the World’s Waters
Not Just Prose – The Victorian Poets
Own Voice Stories
RPG Mechanics for Writers
Scientists v. Spiritualists
Secret scientific interests of Victorian Steampunk figures
She sells tall tales by the sea shore, or marketing your book
Steampunk naval architecture in truth and fiction
Steampunk Vehicles
Story craft: how to write a back-cover blurb
Clockwork Alchemy hosts an incredible set of steampunk, historical fantasy, and sci-fi fantasy authors, who will be sharing their literary knowledge as well as tips and tricks for aspiring writers.

You will find them in Synergy 5, renamed The Authors’ Salon.

The Authors’ Alley

Authors’ Alley (Convene Lobby) is unique to Clockwork Alchemy and among genre conventions. Here, published authors are given an opportunity to present and sell their work directly to the fans. The fans have a chance to meet their favorite authors and discover new ones.

2024 Author Guest of Honor: Anthony Francis

Event: Tea with Author Guest of Honor Anthony Francis

Join Anthony Francis, Clockwork Alchemy 2024’s Author Guest of Honor for tea in the Tea Parlour on Friday from 4-5pm. Anthony will be available to answer questions about his award-winning books, his writing process, robotics, and more. Come to the front of the Tea Parlour to be seated at the large round table. Space is limited so don’t be late!

Author Guests