The War Room

Have we got a weekend lined up for you!

Exploration of the Arts of Steampunk wouldn’t be complete without the Martial Arts! Experience Martial Arts in the Steampunk ’verse in the Clockwork Alchemy War Room.

Join the instructors and crew of the Royal Airship Kamehameha as they demonstrate Steampunk Eastern and Western Martial Arts, ranging from Walking Stick, to The Secrets of the Chinese Martial Arts, to Naginata Japanese Pole Arms, to Classical Victorian-Age Saber, and improvised weapons. Become a crew member in-training, and receive special recognition and rewards by taking multiple classes!

As a steampunk adventurer, you should be prepared to face whatever comes your way—be it pirates boarding your airship, or vampires descending on your party. Our crew has traveled on airships, submarines, and a myriad of steam-powered conveyances to the four corners of the globe to bring you the finest in training. Our instructors have an average of 30 years of martial experience and will provide hands-on instruction.

Haven’t had enough Martial Arts for the day?

2024 War Room Instructors

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Safety Guidelines

At Clockwork Alchemy, the safety of our guests, staff, and volunteers is our highest priority. As most War Room classes are participatory in nature, our martial arts classes often include physical contact—both with the War Room Crew Members and with other guests. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all, participants are required to adhere to the following safety rules and guidelines:

  1. Convention Guests wishing to participate in War Room classes must read and sign the activities waiver.
  2. “Safe Interaction” with Instructors and Crew Members (Staff and Volunteers) will be observed at all times. War Room Instructors (and Crew) have the final say as to what is safe interaction. While you might have Martial Arts experience, or feel capable of handling “harder” interaction and/or contact, the Instructors are highly-trained in their Arts, and are the best judge of what is acceptable and safe under the circumstances.
  3. Safety gear may be required in some classes. Instructors will determine the use of and monitor all safety gear. Refusal to wear Instructor-required safety gear will prevent you from participating in class interaction.
  4. Full Contact interaction is not permissible at any time, even with appropriate safety equipment.
  5. All interactions will be closely monitored by the Instructors and Crew Members at all times. Please do not initiate interactions except under direct supervision of War Room Crew.
  6. Guests may use personal practice weapons in War Room classes under the following guidelines:
    1. All weapons but must be approved by the War Room Captain, their designated second, or the class Instructor.
    2. All weapons must have appropriate blunt tips and appropriate safety devices.
    3. Permitted weapons materials: wooden–natural fibers such as bamboo or rattan; and plastic–plastic practice or “waster” weapons.
    4. Non-permitted weapons materials: metal weapons of any sort, including but not limited to knives, swords, etc.
    5. Non-permitted weapons types: edged, spiked, serrated, or tooth-based weapons (of any material) whereby the weapon could cause lacerations or punctures in normal usage.
  7. All Clockwork Alchemy safety protocols will be observed.

Any violations of rules and/or guidelines may result in expulsion from the War Room and/or the Clockwork Alchemy convention.

We hope you enjoy your tour of duty in the War Room!