Schedule of Events

The scheduling grid is coming soon.

In the meantime, take a look at the amazing content that we’re presenting at Clockwork Alchemy: Villains & Heroes.

Please note: these sessions are subject to change without notice.


Alt-History as Wish Fulfillment
You gotta get a gimmick! (Or why Professor Steam wears a big hat)
Creating an Oddities Collection
Steampunk and Artificial Intelligence: Issues and Concerns
Convergence of Steampunk and Climate Fiction
Travels with Strangely
Devise a Steampunk Scenario
Making Steampunk Videos For Beginners
Roleplay in Pathfinder 2e
Making Gothic Pinboards
The Promanade, Then and Now
Steam and Diesel Superheroes
Bay Area Steampunk Day Trips
High-Minded Women on Wheels – The rise of the bicycle, suffrage, and dress reform 1890s and beyond
I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t Believed it!
Bustle shuffle
Making Music Videos
Strangely’s Saucey Set
What could go wrong?
What’s new with The Steampunk Explorer
The Villain’s Journey
Major Blaze Medicine Show
Don’t Be That Gaijin
Alt-History as Revenge Fantasy
It’s Story Time with Lady Steam
It’s a matter of Honor!
Baloonatics – An illustrated history of balloons from the 18th century to WWI
Victorian Vice
Grind and Whirr: Convention Feedback


Parasol Dueling Holsters
Basics of Buckram – Full Sized Boaters
Make-It: Adventurers Journal
The Maker Night – Octopus Coaster
Garb Giveaway
Card Magic
Origami for Steampunks with Basic Skills
#BumbleBot – Robots come in all sizes!
Make a Steampunk Treasure Box
Fosshape Fascinators
Steampunk Headband Fascinator
Wearable Technology – Sewing with Electronics!
Origami for Those with Some Skills
Card Magic Advanced
The Great Steamy Tech Scrap Mountain Build Off
Gear-filled Clockwork Pendant
Learn How to Pin a Real Beetle
Medal of Valor
Paper Circuit – Engineering with Stickers!
Frame Your Beetle
Postcards, Envelopes, and Ephemera
Garb Giveaway
Magic Squares
Origami: Intermediate Level


World Building
Beyond Darwin (Victorian Scientists)
Mapmaking for Authors and Dungeon Masters
Secret Hideout or Secret Lair? It’s All What You Do With It.
Plotting Together: How To Make Collaborations Work
Curses! An Interactive Panel
Science of Airships
Literary Makers: Indie Publishing Straight Talk
Lunch Break, Free Writing
From the Darkly Ironic to the Moody Byronic: Who’s the Villain Here?
Scientists and Spiritualists
Hot Potato School of Writing (TM) (mild)
Steampunk Architecture
Where Do Ideas Come From?
Weird Western
Getting Past Chapter One
Hot Potato School of Writing (TM) After Dark (spicy)
Victorian Literary Roots of BDSM Culture

Special Events

Basic Waltz
Patterned Waltz
Aural Alchemy
Fashion Show
Belly Dancing to Live Music
Basic Swing
Ballroom Refresher
Nailin’ the Swing
Devil and Angel Ball
Belly Dancing
Gentle Waltz
Dance Games
Lee Presson Tell Tale Theatre
Western Territorial Parasol Dueling
Useless Skills To Impress Your Friends
Tea Scout Gathering & Group Photo


Learn the Victorians’ Favorite Card Game!

Outdoor(ish) Activities

Teapot Racing School
Teapot Racing School
Tea Dueling – Round 1
Tea Dueling – Round 2
Tea Dueling – Round 3
Tea Dueling – Finals
Battle Croquet
Aether Orb Hunt: 12 and Under
Aether Orb Hunt: All Ages

War Room

Vigny Walking Stick Method of Self-Defense
Airship Pirate Knife Tricks
Strategy for Unmatched Weapons
Rapier and Dagger Dueling in The Steam ‘Verse
Staff Fighting from Renaissance Bavaria
Indian Clubs
Naginata Japanese Pole Arm
Filipino Stick Fighting
Hawaiian Weaponry
Defending Your Airship
English Rapier and Dagger
From Short Sword to Bowie
Steampunk Saber and Blaster
Walking Stick – A Gentleman’s Defense
TSL Aetherblade Open
Apaches In Paris? – Defense Against the Vicious Street Gangs of Paris
Cavalry Saber
Nguni Warfare
Bowie Knife: An American Dueling Tradition
Improvised Weapons
Mensur German Dueling
Warbow Experience
Warbow Experience