Buck Potter will be running two RPG sessions during Clockwork Alchemy in the Game Room (Connect 4).


Aetheric Adventuring Outing: D&D Spelljammer One Shot

In this one shot, the adventurers will take on a rescue mission into Wildspace, daring to take on Spelljammer Aberrations, Monsters and maybe even Space Pirates! This one shot will be for 5 players and the characters will be at level 8. Premade characters will be available, and please connect with Buck beforehand if you want to bring in already created characters.

Sign-Ups will be in the Game Room at Clockwork Alchemy.


‘Whispers of the Forgotten Depths’: A Wildsea TTRPG One Shot

Adventurers aboard the Skyship, The Echo’s Grace, along with their Captain receive a distress signal from a long lost expedition crew. This crew was exploring a temple that’s said to hold artifacts that will unlock secrets to the Whispering Abyss, a dark and disturbing part of The Wildsea. Rumors concerning the temple speak of an ancient entity living in it that has killed many an exploration team.

The one shot will be for 5 players, and all characters will be premade. If you have any questions or interest in what The Wildsea is, feel free to connect with Buck prior to the one shot. Buck will be at the table by the info desk on Friday and Saturday.

Sign-Ups will be in the Game Room at Clockwork Alchemy.