Strangely sings songs and tells stories, sometimes they are funny, and sometimes they are not. This past year Strangely started a podcast called Pilot House with his pal Sarah Shay, he also self-published an audiobook called “Pochemancier.” (Available wherever you get your podcasts.) Check out for more art!

Since there is room yet on this bio write-up, here’s a short story:

Should you ever find yourself looking at a discarded penny by the side of the road, do not pick it up. This advice may seem, at first blush, to be an inane, half-remembrance of an old wives’ tale, but I assure you, it is not. As a younger man, I picked up one of those forgotten, copper coins, and I regret it to this very day. Though they seem to have been left without care, the accidental leavings of human passage, they are nothing of the sort. There are those who walk this world, working spells and magic, reshaping the lands they pass via an arcane system of trinkets and fetishes laid down. Each small item on its own possesses little power, but each is but a thread connected back to the whole, to disturb them is to bring sorrow upon your head. Learn from my mistake, do not move the pennies. For if you do, they shall unglue your shoes, poison your wine and burn holes in your pockets.