Guest of Honor Patricia C. Wrede (she/her) is a best-selling fantasy author hailing from Minnesota. Her book series include the Enchanted Forest Chronicles,); the Cecelia and Kate novels, co-written with Caroline Stevermer; the Mairelon books, which take place in Regency England; and the Old-West Frontier Magic series. She also penned Wrede on Writing and publishes tips for writers on her blog at

Featured Authors Katherine Morse (she/her) and David Drake (he/him), the award-winning, San Diego-based authors of “The Adventures of Drake and McTrowell – Perils in a Postulated Past,” a serialized steampunk tale detailing the adventures of Chief Inspector Erasmus Drake and Dr. “Sparky” McTrowell. The duo’s many adventures are provided in weekly penny dreadful-style episodes on the web (  They have produced four novels since 2010: “London, Where It All Began,” “The Bavarian Airship Regatta,” “Her Majesty’s Eyes and Ears,” and “The Hawaiian Triple Cross.” While you can read their adventures for free online, you can also get an autographed print copy from them in Authors’ Alley.

Anthony Francis (he/him), a Google roboticist by day and a prolific novelist by night, wrote the steampunk novel Jeremiah Willstone and the Clockwork Time Machine during one of the many NaNoWriMo competitions he won. Ask him how to write a million words while holding down a full time job while you peruse his novels. 

Laurel Anne Hill (she/her), author and former underground storage tank operator, has been lauded for her novel The Engine Woman’s Light (2017 Independent Press Award (steampunk category) and a Kirkus star) but she’s also contributed to many anthologies. You can see more of her books at her table in Authors’ Alley.

Madeleine Holly-Rosing (she/her) writes the graphic novel series “The Boston Metaphysical Society” and runs successful Kickstarter campaigns to fund their publication. Check out the latest campaign on her website or pick up print copies of her graphic novels in person.

Michelle Lowe (she/her) is the author of Boom Time, the Age of the Machine series, the Legacy series, a fantasy steampunk/adventure saga, and more. See her bookshop at She loves reading science-fiction and fantasy stories and enjoys old B horror and fun adventure films and is a self-described dreamer and animal lover.

T.E. MacArthur (she/her) is an author, artist, and historian living in the San Francisco Bay Area with her constant companion: kitten Calypso.  She has written for several local and specialized publications and was even an accidental sports reporter for Reuters. The Volcano Lady series follows the adventures of Victorian lady scientist Lettie Gantry, through the worlds of Jules Verne. The Gaslight Adventures of Tom Turner novellas continue the thrilling adventures of Robur’s First Mate turned Hero. To put it mildly, T.E. has a love for all things Victorian (history and clothing from 1870–1890 in particular) and is having a lifelong affair with the writings of Jules Verne.

Sumiko Saulson (ze/hir/hirs) is a science-fiction, fantasy and horror writer and graphic novelist based in Oakland. Ze is an award-winning author of Afrosurrealist and multicultural sci-fi and horror. Ze is also the editor of the anthologies and collections Black Magic Women, Scry of Lust, Black Celebration, and Wickedly Abled. If you want to talk about horror writing, women in horror writing, African Americans and horror writing, or black women in horror writing, ze will be in Authors’ Alley.

BJ Sikes (she/her) is the chief cat wrangler in Authors’ Alley and the Authors’ Salon. When not busy creating costumes or growing medicinal herbs, she writes the Roboticist of Versailles series, a mix of fin-de-siecle artistes, royal roboticists, and revolutionaires, and dabbles in historical fantasy and solarpunk.

Michael Tierney (he/him), writes steampunk-laced alternative historical fiction stories from his Victorian home in Silicon Valley. He has written three books in the Airship Flamel Adventures series—The Secret Notebook of Michael Faraday, Mr. Darwin’s Dragon, and To Rule the Skies. Visit his blog at Being a professional engineer, Mike has a lot to say about inventions near and dear to the heart of steampunks like airships, as well as Victorian architecture.

Dover Whitecliff (she/her), scribbler, doodler, lover of hedgehogs and superheroes is here! Dover connects her worlds in a multiverse of fusion. Why have a single genre when you can blur the lines? Dover’s published books include mashups of cybersteam and secret agents (She-Wolf in Shorts), a steampunk take on the Hardy Boys mysteries with kick ass girls (The Stolen Songbird), and coloring books with haiku (Haiku Hedgehogs Volume 1 – Steam Shenanigans).