Special instructions: Please meet near the ballroom entrance for contemporary etiquette primor. Classes will end 10 minutes early to allow room’s air to cycle. The goal of this class is to introduce students to the basics of the waltz, open and closed.  

Saturday: 3-5

3-4pm  Class 1:  BASICS OF WALTZING APART:      Posture, basic steps, finding the beat in the music, promenade, and open and closed positions will be taught and reviewed.   A little of the history of the waltz will be mentioned, then two variants made from other dances:  Skater waltz apart, and handkerchief waltz.   You need not bring a partner, nor will one be needed for any of the exercises, all can be done with or without a dance partner.   Gloves will be provided, and a discussion of risks undertaken. .  

4-5pm SATURDAY CLASS 2:  Building on the first class, this class will practice the promenade steps and lead to a grand march basic, followed by transitions to skater’s position, waltzing with an imaginary partner, and dance etiquette.  The class will meet at the door and enter 5 minutes after to allow the air in the hall to clear.

Sunday: 12-3

12-1pm THE STEAMPUNK WALTZ:  We will review for 45 minutes the basics of waltzing and the Congress of Vienna, and address any student concerns.  

1-3pm  A WALTZ REPRIZAL:  DJ music will be available for 2 hours in the main hall, playing waltzes and schottiches.