Wow, where to begin?

First off, thank you to the diligent staff of volunteers that worked to make our inaugural year at the San Mateo Marriott a success. These folks work year-round to develop programming and curate it into the fun-filled weekend that is Clockwork Alchemy. Their ability to adapt to new challenges in the new hotel made the unforeseen problems magically dissolve. These people are the heart and soul that make Clockwork tick.

Once again there was a lot to see and do over the weekend and just not enough time to do it all. Sadly, the Time Machine in the Artist’s Gallery couldn’t be used to hop back in time to catch that extra workshop or presentation. Whether your focus was learning, music, literature, martial arts, gaming, or workshops everyone seemed to be having a good time while looking fabulous. Speaking of looking fabulous, the Fashion show gave us two viewings with the main fashion show and a review during the Devils and Angels Ball. Fabulous art was on display in the Artist’s Gallery and for sale in the Artist’s Bazaar. Tea Dueling and Teapot racing took center stage in the Courtyard to the delight of many and the War Bow League expanded their archery into the Courtyard as well. Flying flowers, fezzes and hand grenades saw a return of chaotic Battle Croquet. After all that commotion it was time to relax and unwind with a cup of tea or two in the Alchemist’s Tea Parlor. Handcrafted and curated by the Tea Parlor staff and free to all attendees, the Alchemist’s Tea Parlor in a must every year.

The Aether Wabbit put in an appearance on Sunday morning hiding Aether Orbs around the convention and out in the courtyard. Once lucky attendee found the Golden Orb to claim two weekend passes for next year. Great job to all participants.

Music continues to play a large focus at Clockwork Alchemy with performances by the Master of Ceremonies Strangely Doesburg, Unwoman, the Nathaniel Johnstone Band, Lee Presson and the Nails and Guest of Honor Marquis of Vaudeville. Not content with just doing a single performance, these talented musicians were seen in more intimate spaces doing acoustic performances for local belly dancers and presentations on a variety of topics.

On behalf of the entire Clockwork Alchemy family, we hope you had fun and are planning a return trip in 2024 for Aetheric Ocean April 19-21. Until then, keep the boilers stoked and your goggles close at hand!

Sandra Forrer
Clockwork Alchemy