2024 Fashion Guest of Honor: Katherine Becvar

Katherine earned a Bachelor’s in Costume and Textile Design from UC Davis in 2002 and probably learned as much from her part-time job in the Theatre Department’s Costume Shop as she did in her ‘official’ design classes in dyework, pattern making, and costume and textile history. She started Blue Moon Designs as a custom costuming business right around the time she graduated – originally named “Once in a Blue Moon Designs” because her business was going to be a part-time, once-in-a-while side gig. Fast forward a few years to 2008 and some time in graduate school later, Katherine found herself with a shiny new MLIS in library science while meantime the financial world was imploding and public sector jobs (like librarian) were disappearing left and right. She fell back on sewing as a way to pay the bills and started coming up with ways to solve the Pocket Problem in feminine clothing. Having fallen in love with the steampunk Victorian house-on-wheels art car called the Neverwas Haul at Burning Man, Katherine designed her first fancy pocketed utility belt and started producing them for faires and festivals under the simpler business name Blue Moon Designs. Since then, and for over 15 years, Katherine has led a dual-career life – part time academic reference librarian some days, and business owner and accessories designer other days. Katherine celebrated the 20 year anniversary of Blue Moon Designs in 2022, and is looking forward to at least another 20 years of creating beautiful, practical accessories for everyBODY.