2024 Master of Ceremonies: Professor DR Schreiber

Professor DR Schreiber

As the Historical Conjurer, Professor DR Schreiber evokes the spirit of early magical performances. Professor DR Schreiber brings parlor magic back to the public. In the 19th century, magicians were well established as one of the leading forms of popular entertainment. Vaudeville theatres and music halls were filled with the latest innovation of illusion. This period is now considered the Golden Age of Magic. Today, Professor DR Schreiber presents a historic look at the beginnings of modern magic in his performances and exhibitions. Professor DR Schreiber leads his audiences on a stroll through the past centuries of conjuring entertainment. His unique presentations entertain while educating the audience about historical events, literary and cultural figures, and the science and art of conjuring.

Professor DR Schreiber is a member of the Academy of Magic Arts (Magic Castle) and past president for the Society of American Magicians Portland Assembly. In 2011, Professor DR Schreiber was presented with the Stan Kramien Excellence in Stage Magic Award from the Society of American Magicians Portland Assembly. He has performed and lectured for conferences and events up and down the West Coast, in addition to the UK and Europe. He is also an instructor in magic as well as a magic consultant for legitimate theater companies. In addition, he is a past cast member at Disneyland and frequent emcee, magic historian and historical re-enactor, as well.