Online Streaming Concert this Saturday!

Once upon a time a strange man wielding an accordion, a massive wheeled bicycle, and an outsized sense of joy invaded Clockwork Alchemy. This was Strangely Doesburg, and we’ve never let him go.

Thank you for attending our concert. See the recorded performances below.

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Strangely Doesburg

Strangely has told us many times that our Clockwork Family’s embrace has meant the world to him, and now he is giving that love back to us in the most beautiful way possible.

Strangely has organized an online streaming concert for Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 7pm PST featuring many of the musicians you had hoped to come and dance to at Clockwork Alchemy 2020!

The schedule is tentatively set as follows (all times are PST):

7:45 Nathaniel Johnstone 
8:00 Unwoman
8:25 Sarah Shay
8:50 Dogwood
9:15 Aaron J. Shay
9:40 Lee Presson

That’s right, your favorite musicians are giving a free online streaming show from their individual homes to the Clockwork Family! Push back your furniture! Roll up your rugs! Put on your favorite steampunk and get ready to dance in your room like nobody is watching! And know that your Clockwork Family all over is dancing and singing along with you.  

Each artist will link to their individual pages if you want to go and support them by buying their music, but the show itself is completely free and open to everyone!! We are a beautiful community and we can’t wait to join in the fun. 

Technical details: The link to join Strangely’s YouTube LiveStream will be placed on this page.  Strangely will start the show and then direct you to link up with each artists’ YouTube LiveStream when it is that musician’s showtime.  Clockwork Alchemy staff will be in the chat to help with technical difficulties.   

Yours in Steampunk,
Alyssa Rosenbloom and Sandra Forrer, Clockwork Alchemy Co-chairs