Clockwork Alchemy’s 2021 virtual event, Transmissions from the Aether, is almost here and we want to give you some helpful hints to make your attendance enjoyable.

We have two platforms, Twitch and Zoom. Everyone has a different level of expertise with these, so we are providing some information and supporting videos, some of which are specific to each platform, while others are applicable to both Twitch and Zoom. Twitch will be used to stream our pre-recorded content. Zoom will be for our live interactions. Both Twitch and Zoom will be running simultaneously, so be sure to check the schedule.


What is Twitch? Twitch is a video live-streaming service. Twitch includes a chat interface which allows the audience to discuss the content while they view it. If you’re unfamiliar with Twitch, we put together this quick 6-minute video to introduce the platform and the user interface: Video: Introduction to Twitch.

To view programming on Twitch you will need to go to our channel, here:

We are encouraging the creators of this year’s content to interact in the chat and answer questions. 

Clockwork Alchemy staff will be present in the Twitch Chat Room to moderate and ensure people adhere to the Clockwork Alchemy Code of Conduct, and to the Twitch Community Guidelines. Please familiarize yourself with these rules. Our goal is to ensure everyone enjoys the convention. Twitch moderators will be identifiable by the green sword icon next to their chat username. They are there to help you.


During this past year, many people have used Zoom to connect, but the platform has functions and features that people may not be familiar with. We’ll explain these in more detail below. 

We intend to send the Zoom link just before the event (Thursday) and request you NOT share the link. The event is free, but we would prefer people sign up officially Register for Transmissions from the Aether.

It is recommended you download the Zoom desktop app for full functionality, including the virtual backdrops feature, and for ease of navigation to and from breakout rooms. If you already have the desktop client, please check for upgrades as it will make navigating the virtual convention space easier.

You don’t have to turn on your camera to enjoy our virtual event, but if you do, here is a short 6-minute video to help you look and sound your best: Video: How to Improve your Telepresence.

The Zoom main landing page will be our “Lobby” and — just like at our regular convention — Info Desk staff will be there to answer questions and provide technical help.

We will have several break out rooms, and they will each have their own schedule. These are similar to the panel rooms we have at our in-person events. We will also have a virtual Artist’s Bazaar for you to interact with your favourite vendors. If you’ve never used Zoom Breakout Rooms before, watch this quick 2-minute video on how to navigate breakout rooms: Video: Zoom Breakout Rooms.

Clockwork Alchemy staff moderators will be in each break out room to assist with introducing the panelist, muting participants in the beginning, and monitoring the chat for adherence to our Code of Conduct. Mods will also monitor presentation time. In addition to the Clockwork Alchemy Code of Conduct, Zoom has an extensive set of Community Standards. Please familiarize yourself with these rules as well.

More Information

We hope this helps you prepare for Transmission from the Aether, and we can’t wait to see you next weekend! If you have any questions or comments that aren’t addressed here, please send them to us at: and

Let’s have some FUN!