Clockwork Alchemy Presents … Gears, Lights, Action! A Live Steampunk Fashion Show

We invite you to join the most sought out event on Saturday afternoon! Share your very own Fashion with the fans of Clockwork Alchemy!

Celebrating all Marvelous Makers of Fashion! Anyone can participate (with prior approval) in this year’s Fashion Show. Have more than 1 look to share? Bring a friend to show it off with you. Thrill our audience with your Independent Steampunk Look! Have fun showing off what makes you shine on the runway and around town.


  • Original: Complete ensemble created and made by the individual (Caveat accessories can be credited to the maker)
  • Redesigned: Recreated ensemble that you purchased or made. (Caveat accessories can be credited to the maker)
  • Imagined: Talented imagination but cannot sew or good at finding bits and pieces? This is the category for you. Bring your ensemble and show it off! (Caveat accessories can be credited to the maker)

Submit your design to the Fashion Show

Volunteer to be a model in the Fashion Show