We are pleased to have costume maker Buck Potter in attendance this year! He does fabulous superhero costuming, including mashup Mandalorian and Star Lord. Buck will be wearing and displaying his creations at the con in April. If you want to learn more, look for Buck’s panels during the con!

Facebook Page: Buck Potter

Instagram: the.mandalordian

About Buck Potter:

Hello! I’m Buck Potter, and I call home in Eugene, Oregon and have lived there for the last 13 years.  My beginnings as a maker started in college, with a Bachelors of Science in Technical Theatre Design, with concentrations in Set, Lights, Props and Sound Design. During my time in college, I did designs for both professor and student directed productions.  My favorite production was in my senior year as Propsmaster for a modern day war take on the “Scottish Play” by William Shakespeare.

On the cosplay and maker side, I’ve been in the cosplay scene for 8 years, and started it as a version of Steampunk Star Lord.  Growing up, I read lots of comic books, fantasy novels and played Tabletop RPGs, and always looked for an outlet to bring the theatre and comic/fantasy world together.  These days, Steampunk Star Lord has leveled up to a mashup of both Star Lord and The Mandalorian, hence The Mandalordian, or Mando-Lord.  

You will also see me take a turn as two other characters, one of which will be a Villain, and the other a Hero.  Please come up, say hello and ask for a picture! 

Looking forward to meeting everyone at Clockwork Alchemy: Villains and Heroes!