The Tea Scout Mission

The Tea Scouts are a group of Steampunks who want to provide a positive community for like-minded
adventurers to have fun, inspire creativity, foster philanthropy and, of course, drink tea!

Tea Scout Levels, Quests, and Achievement Badges

Achievement badges are earned by completing fun quests and participating events. There are several
options for completing the quest for each badge, the quest guide will have the number of options
needed to be completed for that badge. By completing the quests you can increase your Tea Scout level
starting at Bickie (Biscuit), going to Cake, Crumpet, Scone, until you finally reach the final Cuppa level!
If you would like to join the Tea Scouts, or are already a Tea Scout and would like to participate in the
quests, please be sure to see Glenda the Tea Witch, Mistress Meesh, or any of the scouts from Troup #180 The Tea Witches Brew for the questline.