Artists’ Bazaar

Updated February 17, 2022

The Artists’ Bazaar at Clockwork Alchemy is a marketplace for fans of the fantastic, the eclectic, and the fashionable. As an artist-only venue, you can be sure to find unique, handcrafted finery, costume pieces and props, decor for your home, and plenty more. Come sample the astonishing talents of the steampunk community’s makers and dreamers, and maybe even showcase some creations of your own! Because Clockwork Alchemy focuses on artists and artisans, at least 90% of the items offered for sale in a booth must be made by the artists themselves. Registration will open soon for the 2023 Artists’ Bazaar!

Before registering, please visit the Artists’ Bazaar FAQ!

2022 Artists

Obtainium Works
Blue Moon Designs
Insect Expressions
Time Traveler
Steam Powel Industries
Shadowhouse Creations
RuMel Creations
Madame Huffen-Bustle’s Steam
Clockwork Monster
S Steamed Designs
Manipulations in
Wyng’d Lyon
Flying Skwirl
Hats Buy Grace
Flying Hands Mobile Masssage
Featherweight Finery
Dream Light Jewelry
Rogue Making
Amped Atalier
Cinder Garden Designs