Clockwork Currents Issue #1


  • Letter from the Chairs
  • Steep Thoughts from the Aviary Teahouse – A Love Letter to Simplicity
  • Steampunk 101 with Gene Forrer
  • Craft Corner – How to Make Pinboards
  • Fiction – The Codex of Quills – Ep1
  • Vendor Showcase: Blue Moon Designs
  • Activities and Events

Letter from the Chairs

Greetings Clockwork Alchemy family! In these uncertain times we are all missing our favorite activities and events. When concerts, conventions and festivals are cancelled, what is a lonely Steampunk to do? Those of us that work to present Clockwork Alchemy every year got together and decided to bring you some of the content you would have seen had Clockwork Alchemy 2020 not been postponed and great new content to keep you entertained and lift your spirts. Each edition will have fun steampunk content for you to enjoy from stories to crafting tutorials, to tea reviews, history, videos and more! Who knows, you might find yourself thinking of something to contribute and become featured in an upcoming issue.

So, grab yourself a cup of tea, pull up a chair and join us in the first edition of the Clockwork Currents.

Sandra, Co-Chair of Clockwork Alchemy

Steep Thoughts from The Aviary Teahouse

By Astra

Welcome to Steep Thoughts! The Aviary is the imaginary teahouse of Astra, CA’s Head of Logistics. When she’s not building conventions with her amazing team, she’s a life-long tea enthusiast who reads too many books on the subject and will talk your ear off if given half a chance. 

A Love Letter to Simplicity

This is a love letter to the plainest, most functional, and most enduring piece of teaware in my collection.

Read the full article here…

Steampunk 101 with Gene Forrer

Craft Corner – Homemade Pinboards

By Matt

As my collection of enamel pins grew, I realized that I needed somewhere to display them. At a con, I saw a vendor selling coffin-shaped pinboards. I ordered a custom one, but realized that I needed something larger. I did some online research about making my own pinboard from old mirror frames. Luckily, I found such a frame at a local thrift store. Since then, I have made 3 pinboards. Each one uses different techniques and has an overall different style.

Read about making your own pinboard here…

Fiction: The Codex of Quills

A steampunk serial adventure with a new author every episode!

Episode 1: The Hedgehog

by Dover Whitecliff

Hot. Smoky. Irritating. Any or all of which could pertain to the wildfire-permeated valley air, or the mélange of personalities on the bus. Or the perfect description of Kilpatrick’s commute from the cubicle farm to the coffee house off the freeway. 

Cold Brew. That’s all I need. Thirty ounces of caffeinated goodness with just a pirouette of cream will erase Monday and make everything better.

Read the full episode here…

Vendor Showcase: Blue Moon Designs

Katherine the Great began designing costumes in 1995 while still in high school, inspired by the lack of interesting clothing and costuming in her sizable size.  She has brought that same commitment to beautiful clothes that fit well to her unique accessory business Blue Moon Designs.

Watch the video and visit Katherine the Great’s website and Etsy store here…

Activities and Events

Hungry for more steampunk experiences related to Clockwork Alchemy? Check out these online events from Clockwork Alchemy guests from the past and the future!

Would you like to contribute to future issues of Clockwork Currents? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us today!